That’s not a failure of law & order


The world is broken.

I was just listening to the Diane Rehm Show and their discussion of the commonplace public group rapes in Tahir Square, and was stunned to hear all the commentators speak abotu this as a failure of law and order. Law and order?? Have we lost so much of our own humanity, sense of value of human life, and human decency, that we really see endemic mass public group rape as a failure of law and order??

It’s a failure of civilization.

Rampant in Tahir Square. Rampant across swathes of India. Apparently rampant at rock concerts in America Civilization has collapsed. These people are revealing to the world that they carry no veneer of civilization, but are in fact beasts. And I don’t mean just mean the rapists. I mean the people next to the rapists, enabling it. Every single soul who witnesses these acts and fails to do anything is showing themselves as beast.

I mean seriously, if folks are going to dismiss the rapes as “crowd mentality”, I want to know why stopping the rapes is not happening as an act of crowd mentality? Or do I know why? Is it because civilization has failed, and rape culture has become so pervasive in our culture that folks just accept that (a) the rapes will happen (b) no one can stop them and (c) these folks deserve it, or they wouldn’t have been in the public sphere.

I’m calling it as I see it from here on out. Rapists are not little boys getting away with some stolen pleasure. They are beasts. Uncivilized savages. Gorillas in manufactured clothing. And so are all the people who witness, who know, and who do not intervene. Beasts. Savages. Scum unworthy of any of the rest of civilized treatment.

I say we put them all down, like rabid pests. They deserve nothing more.


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